Real & Useful

HolUp from HolUp

The wisdom of other people is real, and useful.

Maybe,I don’t paint so much anymore (I paint a little bit, but few and far between) because I don’t (or haven’t) quite known what the art was about for Me. Don’t understand the subject fully. Yet. At least I’m still curious – I have that going for me. ❤

Today was incredible. I hiked further than I have in a long time, going up the real mountain of Mt. Charleston. It was a bit chilly when we started. It was so beautiful. I went on a part of the trail I haven’t been to in a few years (god, time’s flying) and it was like seeing an old, wonderful time of your life, a great day from out of the past. I had many of those kinds of days where I inhaled pine trees and warm forest soil. The surprising beauty of the light. The incredibly deep blue skies that can only be seen with the naked, human eye. Air, sparkling, complimentary and welcoming. A desire to touch and be touched; being desirable to Mother nature herself. Wonderful things; magical stuff. We met and passed so many lovely people. I troop of young men from the boys’ home/reformatory. I smiled at every one of them, I smiled at them like I love their souls and see them for how special and amazing they are, because they are and I have the gift to see it. It is a great gift I have that I can share. I didn’t know it was a gift till (relatively) recently, but now I get it. I know it is true. I’m not the only one, of course. There’s no congratulation; there’s no “thanks”; but it is powerful and it is power. I can use this in my own way, filtered through my self and what aspect of the Other it is that I can see, and I can mirror that beautiful thing they, the Other One is/are, in-part, Being (seeing you recognize this fact through their own , incredible truths, they see themselves. And they love you, just LOVE you for it. That moment of give-give is exquisitely, humanly, spiritually, physically, what healing is all about. My kind of engagement. My kind of day.

Oh my god, I couldn’t believe the stone I found!!! It is black, it has a fucking perfect flower in the center of it; the flower is white, and the whole stone sparkles like the underside of roof tiles. AND THEN I found a fucking tiny house/building in the woods that is long abandoned. What it was used for, I have no idea. Adam was really tired (we went far and high) and needed to be done. so, I have to go back to this place – maybe tomorrow. I will be careful. It is located (soooooo strangely) right where I planned to go sometime, by myself, and do shrooms. (That’s definitley on the Bucket List. Also need to see stars. I don’t think I’ve every really seen stars. I’ve never seen the milky way – don’t really believe what is in pictures is real? I need to look into this. This is a weird problem to have, no)? Anyhow, this spot in the woods. I won’t even describe it because it is divinely hidden right in the middle of somewhere obvious, but its location is very unseen. it is a place exactly at the right angle to be totally inconspicuous to the casual traveller; but I am no casual traveller.

My house will never be in order. No peace shall ever last. It’s the thing of wisdom to accept it and understand that life does have guarantees: everything will end; nothing lasts; but that includes bad times coming ’round to good times. Experiences are worth recording so that they may be analyzed later for optional truths and re-experiencing laughs, etc.

This past Saturday I went for what’s probably the last time all 3 owls will be together in the Record Room. I admit, it feels…I have sorrow. Soon, things will change again. Things are changing now, actually. The momentum began last year for Cam to leave this city and start the last chapter of her life, taking Kenita on an adventure across the country. I’ve no doubt I will join them at some junction where we will lay on the earth in some dark wilderness and see the stars. Ha…wow, this is what they told me and I remember that just above – few days ago – I wrote about seeing stars being something on my own Bucket List. How wonderful to do it, to have it happen.

I hope that someday I can meet the children (all grown) of my friends, and I think that’s possible. Maybe as soon as this upcoming year or two.