Golden Ashes

This began as a photo of a beautiful tree with the sun coming in through the top.

The beauty of digital painting is that there really is no permanent fuck-up, it’s always kept in a layer below, the version you always liked. Without the risk, it’s much easier to paint. It isn’t paint, however, and that’s the downside. That said, I really love this piece; I did it today, but not in one sitting. I started with a photo of a tree and fragmentized it, then did a sort of Rorschalk with it and drew in the face that sat atop a kind of beautiful skull I saw in this mirror image thing I started from. And it went from there. Intuitive painting, that’s what I do.

Downtown by Majical Cloudz

These below: The Ash trees are turning golden! It’s so beautiful against a blue sky! Upon the inset mantle, the little alcove above the fireplace, we have our little forest creatures. Super charming and adorable. Gives me lots of chuckles and imaginary company. There’s an onion that began sprouting in the kitchen. Instead of throwing it out, I put it in a pot outside so it can do it’s thing. It’s gone crazy! Those green sprouts, I tasted them and really wonderful; aromatic like chives! Found out they are edible, so I will chop one today and have a baked potato with sour cream, butter and onion greens. Little Mexican nativity Marilyn gave us and reminds me of her. ❤ Delicious persimmons Debbie got for us. There’s another kind, but we ate them all up before I took pictures. 🙂

The house is incredibly cozy and bright for Christmas. I know come January I won’t want to take the tree down. It is so beautiful in here…