Over The Counter

**Warning: triggers the giggles

We should market pills. Sui-ci-dol. Placebos – candy, even. A gift of love one can give to themselves or to someone they may be concerned about.

How could I possibly ever kill myself? I’m too funny to die. The world needs me in it.

My dad wants to live to be 90 so he can be there for all of us. I never really believed he could, but it occured to me that he will – and I was shocked at knowing that. One of the strangest things to happen internally for me in a long while. It was a good shock. Imagine bad shocking news and now imagine good shocking news – it was like that.

I’ve learned it is not going to work out in favor for me if I continue to write things on drawings. Writing only goes with illustration; it does not go with higher fucking art you will ruin if you continue to fucking write on it.


I hate myself? Never. I only ever hate my personality. I’m a shit, a really shiny shit. A Fucking Bore who hates other people. I can do better.

a goddess

She is loving and kind. She cries for people who need something extra in their life at that moment that will strengthen and encourage them and make them feel safe and important – because she knows these truths and one of her gifts is the ability to Give Lovingly. A wholesome embrace from a Good Woman. (Women are the gift that keeps on giving, after all). Ashamed of the tears when others see how much I care. I am an injured child who knows how to heal Others – most powerfully with strangers. Someone who can only be (someone else) when with strangers. Someone who lives from the inside-out (I wouldn’t change a thing).

My poetry is trash because my genius killed off all my worker bees, and all that’s left is a big pink triangle and some weird fucking shit from the 90’s.

Guys, let’s just skip to the fucking part where this shit-show stops and we go home to breakfast and laze-about in the freshness of the morning?

Author: Jen Crow

©Jen Crow. Be sure to ask for permission to use my artwork or photos. I warmly welcome comments and questions.

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