No, YOU Add Title

Letting it go organically, my experiences and my reflections – like . Letting things unfold more naturally, as an observer, my life. I am whipping the donkey that is me. I can just happily go on, so as to not cause myself to beat myself.

So much pale, powdery blue and purple.

I wish to stop thinking I could have done every precious, previous moment better.

There is always something to refine in one’s self, isn’t there?

I am terrified.

I need to do some legit arts-n-crafts, popsicle sticks and strung-beads level therapu-ta-stupid level therapeutic activities or something’s gonna snap. You have this kind of day, ever? God, am I right? I need some fucking pastel paints, yo. Googly-eyes and Elmer’s glue. Sheeut, son.

I have cannoli to eat, so that’s good. Adam’s band is out playing at a bar, and that’s really good. Makes me so happy because I know it brings him fun and joy. That’s love.

You may feel alienated because of my Good Works. I understand that’s a possible consequence of me going all angel up on your ass, and the asses of those around me at any given time.

You know what would be nice right now? The kind of peace that comes from longrunning routine of healthy life/living.

I really do need to get my shit together, and put some work into moving forward. I sure do overthink things.

Today I did a great job doing the best I can/am/be/sham be/wham.

Author: Jen Crow

©Jen Crow. Be sure to ask for permission to use my artwork or photos. I warmly welcome comments and questions.

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