Balance (A Force of Will)

A Witch. i WANT to draw a panther.

Put on the timer and sat down to draw, by force of will. I loved it. It must be a daily thing. The timer, the forced sit-down. I turned something that already existed into something better and it filled my body with delight. My hands feel good. The light is brighter. It was also important that I put on calming music (the spa/new-age type that really calms and invites light).

What was so good about the picturesque farm life is the balance of cozy structure compared to the outside wilderness; The handmade sweetness and depth – compared to, but including – the wondrously industrial and valuable.

It’s not a lot, this post. I know. But I want to put it out here and let it go.


God, so gorgeous. The strings!!! It isn’t a sad song, either. ❤ Just love.
Going back in time. Such a great song. Heard it on the soundtrack to a new show we’re watching and I love: Brand New Cherry Flavor

Sweet songs bring me back to soft selves. Where our gazes met and we admired the same things. Whatever is in front of us, well, we are lead there – we follow. But as we go, we pink pick roses and yellow wildflowers, to carry with us for a while – as a symbol of beauty reflected by life and by living.

Glorious, glorious Fall weather. My spirit is so close to the Earth and light is so very crystal.


Author: Jen Crow

©Jen Crow. Be sure to ask for permission to use my artwork or photos. I warmly welcome comments and questions.

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