A Most Wonderous Day!

Q: What is the opposite of a free-fall?

Sometimes I feel like I’m living life in order to not go insane. Clap your hands twice if you can relate!

A: A standing ovation! (If you think you have a better answer, go ahead and clap your hands twice to let me know you agree!)

We had the most wonderful day…!

We hiked from Echo Trail up to where we could see the burned-out remains of the Mt. Charleston Lodge. Yeah, it sure was burned to the ground. The whole thing collapsed. I heard a firefighter say, yesterday – about it, right after it happened – that because it was made with old timber (whole logs from full-grown pine trees, including a massive few), the structure doesn’t burn faster, but it burns wayyyy hotter. I did not know that!

You know what? I’m not sad about it at all. In fact, it somehow enabled me to remember all the wonderful times I had up at the place. So many cocoas and boozy-cocoas; lunches and dinners; outdoor seating where I was a little too chilly and annoyed with other customers – but somehow it is so human and emotional an experience that it brings me a powerful joy…I’m brought back to smells and sounds – of the Christmas shop they had off to the side for many, many years and where we bought some of our treasured/favorite ornaments (a trio of clear acrylic nutcracker, drummer-type of figures). Birthdays, a lot of birthdays for people. Deb’s birthday where we came together and it was beautiful, perfect. Even when it was bad, it was perfect, because it was so rich. Rich in experience and emotion. And alllll of our experiences are incredibly unique, utterly singular in the UNIVERSE. Singular and composed of just…just unreal amounts of detail and information. The 5 senses alone that are a part of any experience; the unfurling of detail after detail. Fucking visited and watched over by angels – not because they care about US, but because they care about IT – ALL OF IT!!

I know I sound like a fuckin’ nut. Fine. I am crazy, but so are all of you. Every one of us, psychotic apes piloted by angels and demons, fueled by Starbucks and New York Style Pizza. Sounding self-absorbed is to be expected when describing the truth of the beauty of our experience. It probably sounds unworthy of even being heard or seen by most people. But to me, this is fascinating. It’s going anywhere but nowhere. It is pure. It is utterly meaningful to my existence, much like Taco Bell is. Imagine how sad I’d be if Taco Bell disappeared from life tomorrow. Yes, I’ve had it a thousand times, but I still want it. I’ve used food references twice, I’m going to go eat something.

Bodies embued with meaning. Like so many books and letters and art and relics in the Smithsonian, our pasts are just bodies of symbolism, useful only in being used via symbolism and self-reflection and what-not. But, they do not wait for us to notice them, those things. Exactly like books on a shelf, they have to be sought after and there must be a desire to find appreciation and usefulness in the reader. We are each of us, each day, reading our own memories and using them to

I love people. ❤

Ok, goodnight for now.

So many good things today. I wrote about them in my journal. I wish I had pictures or illustrations. Maybe later this season I’ll have a drawing vibe going on. That would be nice. Good night.

I am healed. This must be heard, so I must share it.

Author: Jen Crow

©Jen Crow. Be sure to ask for permission to use my artwork or photos. I warmly welcome comments and questions.

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