A Meaning-Based World

This morning, live, I watched a pixelated storm, coming to deliver promised devastation. I got bored. Tired of waiting, I smoked some pot, and felt better knowing I needed to take that shower right after I clean and rearrange the balcony. Going to give it a good pre-Fall clean, move some things. I’m wearing my new pajama pants (for Fall/Winter) but they’re so flippin’ cozy I am going to go outside in them even though it’s 108f in the sun.

Ugh, I assossiate pain with the heights of living. On some level, I always miss pain when it’s gone. It’s a sick world inside me, but pretty cool, too. My spiritual life is the true reality – the most full way of being I can have. I am quite sure not everyone has a spiritual life of some kind. How can that be? How can that not be? I think a big problem we all have here are the expectations and limits we place on other people. We cripple them from delivering the beauty they are soon coming to give us (are giving) …oh shoot, lost my train of thought.

I’m going on a trip soon, and I cannot wait to see it/it, feel it/them, share the experiences and beauty and shared personalities. What will I be writing about it in the future? What pictures will I marvel at and in many years be so glad I took? Will the weather suit (hoping it will be cool or cold, even)? It would be heaven if it could have gray skies and red-orange leaves.

Baby, I find it hard to believe we’re in Heaven.

I need to reconnect with the Other Side, and soon. ‘Tis the season and boy, can I feel it. I miss the structure of chaos

They should make music-less versions of movies for people who either a) think the music takes away-from; or b) its over-stimulating and the movie could be more focusly felt by the music being gone. You can have too much fog, in other words.

I’m going to publish this, too soon.

I can really sense winter. Winter will be intense and beautiful.

Author: Jen Crow

©Jen Crow. Be sure to ask for permission to use my artwork or photos. I warmly welcome comments and questions.

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