The Space Between

Time doesn’t really pass quickly, ever. It’s just that there’s not enough of it. We have points in time where we can feel the potential for small worlds lose all likelihood and we lose, grieve and move on. Just shit people – all people – live through daily; go through all the time.

I want to paint a yellow daisy.

The person who pays me is a person who is on the edge of Chaos. Very interesting. I think it would be good to go into a very philosophical stage of thinking in everyday life for a while. If I were in a part of a cycle, I would place myself at a time in my life when I was into Klimt; Jung; cornmeal crust pizzas with feta, no red sauce. That time lasted a couple of years and I enjoyed a lot of what I read and listened to. That was about 2011-2013, I think.

This is what I should be listening to ONLY for the next month. Over and over again should I listen to this.

There is a better, smarter person buried within me; in the darkness of myself.

You can’t judge people by what they are wearing. “Identify and question your assumptions”. (The guy in the video).

Yes, he looks a little douchy, but what he says after the TedTalkese he’s speaking, is very interesting philosophically. I didn’t watch it all. I only liked parts. Why am I sharing this with the world? Oh, it’s because I’m not. This is a strangely personal place, this blog, here sometimes.

Perception really is everything. It’s why so many people try to control other’s through how it is they are perceived. And fine, that works for low-level thinking Some, but there are some out there who know that the world is different than the way it really is. Some are reactors who

Bruce Soord – Willow Tree

We describe the struggle of being apart from (whatever) using whatever means necessary. There exist so many options for carrying out emotional expressions. We fucking murder each other to get an idea of what our experiences are like.

This is the only song that makes me feel good about the ache of my loss=

You lose everything but You. Better see to it that you like You.

I really like myself of late. I really do.

Some people play basebal and murder people; and some people become artists, holding in great expressions and carbonizing them all. Self-cannibal. Anyone ever have the urge to eat themself?

Am I the asshole? No, it’s the name of my new favorite r/

You are the alpha and the omega. The mouth and the asshole. Congratulations, human. Now go along and play. Madness. I do like it, though. Pretty much I do. Btw, I’m really loving my relationships with my co-workers. I like helping the clients, but I love my co-workers and truly I am well-loved in return. They know I love them. They can feel it. They love being loved in return. We all do. But for some (not me), it’s “safety first”.

Enjoying the music this evening, after work. Adam, making chicken in the iron skillet to mix with greek herbs and spices and then pears and feta and kalamata olives. He cleaned up the balcony. Moved the rainbow chimes in to the middle, between the ferns (springerei)

I wish I had some art to post, but right now I’m using words, mostly only words and in a looser, possibly nothing to worry about sort of way is it being expressed. Remember that pale, pale green that was huge for a couple years? I did really like that color even though I’ll bet it made a lot of people sick. That kind of green I once would have defended to its death; BUT, nowadays I know that it is right in someone else’s mind what is good and right and pure.

Author: Jen Crow

©Jen Crow. Be sure to ask for permission to use my artwork or photos. I warmly welcome comments and questions.

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