The ‘House’ Card/Symbol

A Symbolic Deck For Myself

I pulled a stack of index cards out, and started putting one in each translucent pocket of photo-binder pages I found at work (no one wants them, never will). I almost quit doing it halfway, thinking “what are you doing. another stupid, go-nowhere project that will sit and make clutter and make you feel like a loser, (blah blah. was totally negative! it was a good idea). Anyway, I kept going, finishing filling the pockets till I ran out of index cards. The idea is making a deck of specific imagery in relation to my own mind but with psychological ties/uses like with a tarot or Lenormand deck. So, I count the filled pages of index cards and what. do. you. know. Exactly 52 cards. The number of cards in a deck. Of course I was like “hahaahhahaaa ok ok, I’ll do this!!!”

My first card, the House, I started thinking on the meaning of last week. I wanted to keep the drawing simple, so that when it is used in a reading I won’t read TOO much into it. Because I am trying to develop a pure and more powerful intuition .

‘House’, A meditation in the symbolism of ‘house’. I think: any house I draw has to be a representation of myself in some deep and significant way. While this house I drew isn’t opulent, I feel like it is beautiful, with a lot of life probably going on in the second floor. The upper, open window feels like something one could fall out of, or anything float or fly into, but again, this pleases me. I think it reflects well on who I am. i would go in to this house. I’d be very curious and trusting of an owner with a front door like that. The stained glass sun and moon above a windowless, peephole-less, solid wood barrier says “come in, if I choose you to do so (and I probably do)”.
My office wolves. They are my office protectors and most people who come in to my office really like them. They startle some people, I think. But then I look at that person and challenge their impulse to assume wolves must mean bad tidings, when in fact, my wolves are awesome and if you are cool, they’ll be cool.

Author: Jen Crow

©Jen Crow. Be sure to ask for permission to use my artwork or photos. I warmly welcome comments and questions.

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