Holy Shit

My life’s really going good…for fucking real real.

I let them feel my love for them, and they receive it with such a fucking unbelievably gorgeous grace. And it raises them UP! It fucking lifts them back where they BELONG. To know I’ve helped them…to know that I have given them confidence and who knows what else…I am so fucking grateful and if things stay like this, I could be content for a very long time. I’m so grateful. They are healing me, too. So many people and all so interesting to me. Maybe not so many and not so directly, but I think a lot of them would be flattered to know how much I love this and them. I need this – I can’t believe it is real, my walk.

Here’s An Odd One

I love this song more and more. I found on YouTube, and I’ve only ever listened to it on YT, always while watching the video. Anyway, his face is so mezmerizingly beautiful and full of pain that I’ve never seen the actual totality of the video. I am THAT focused on his face. Then I see a dusky sky, and wonder for a second about a truck driver, and the lives of those in places I could just as easily be. Then, I’m back at his face, and gulping down the comments section, hoping for an explanation. ❤