A Magical Tale

I will tell you a magical tale. This will be one of many, for many wonderful synchronicities and amazing finds occur for me in the wild places where I am free to be sincere and non-chalant in my searches and askings.

So, I was up on the pine-shaded slope of Mt. Charleston enjoying the air and trying not to slip on the packed remnants of snow patches – where the sun doesn’t have a chance to linger long enough to melt it. This meant my hike was jig-jaggy, zig-zaggy and it made me feel silly and good and athletic in my leaps and turns.
After a nice while, but with nothing left to ascend but a cliffside to my left or toward voices of people from up ahead, I decided to make a start back but wanted more of something. So, in my pouting relent to the end of the afternoon, I asked – out loud, for one must always request pleads to the invisible companions and helpers around me out loud – that they “let me find treasure. Please.”
Now, I’ve never had this out-loud requesting not work. The key to it being made real is to feel the sincerity of the wish in my own bones and a real kind of innocence in the moment. It can’t be wishy-washy wishing. It can’t be faked. Anyhow, my wish was granted and this is what I found on the way back (see below). Mind you, part of the way back was previously traversed on the way up, so the appearance of my found treasures was doubly delightful in its being given to me and the mystery of its origins! Like the Universe, or my angels, or my spirit-helpers drew these things up from …from where? Underground? From all over the mountain? I don’t know, they just lay there (unearthed?) for me to find, one at a time, scattered here and there, right in front of my eyes! But god did I giggle and delight at magic. I’m sure my mouth was gaping every find. I know I said “no way” at least a half-dozen times. Their sense of humor is irrefutable. Here’s what I found (later put in one of my treasure boxes at home):

treasure trio pic

Author: Jen Crow

©Jen Crow. Be sure to ask for permission to use my artwork or photos. I warmly welcome comments and questions.

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